Featuring Aperture WordPress Theme For Photographers

Featuring Aperture WordPress Theme For Photographers

Aperture is an excellent name for a photography WordPress theme. Luckily this theme likewise really delivers as a WordPress theme for photographers.

An Overview of the Aperture WordPress Theme

The Aperture WordPress theme by Woo Themes is ideal for a professional photographer or anyone interested in performing a considerable measure of images on the homepage and all through the site. Designed only for photographic websites and published in April of 2009, this them displays an efficient, highly modified space that is beautiful regardless of what color selections you pick to use.

Features of this Photography Theme

Widget Fields:

The Aperture theme was designed with heaps of blocked off widget areas that break the page into various components. The outcome is a remarkably contemporary feel on a page that enables you to pack in lots of information and packs of images on every page.


There is a pleasant slider that lets users see the latest additions to your site quickly, and the design combines four all-around set category boxes that draw the eye immediately in the wake of loading the site. These category boxes are pleasantly sized and will include photos to attract browsers into every one.

Purpose and Design:

The archive design makes it simple to feature a whole arrangement of photographs adequately. There is additionally a blog component which can be used to bring visitors back to the site many times.


The four-footer fields and two sidebars are widgetized right out of the case. This makes it quick and easy to begin using the Aperture theme and creating your photography-based site immediately. Woo Themes additionally delivers in 7 widgets accessible at your option.

From the blog to the categorized and archived photographs, this is an exceptionally interactive theme ensured to entertain and please on the visual and also intellectual level. There are 12 different color options, assuring that everyone gets something that suits their personality and feelings.

All WordPress themes from Woo themes accompany some attractive design features, including:

  • Well designed backend and framework so you can effectively deal with all content.
  • Built-in photo, so images are more useful and quicker to upload.
  • Different custom layouts to make each page perfect.

The Aperture WordPress theme from Woo Themes is consummately designed because of the photographer. If you are considering using it for another kind of website that is image intensive, make sure to see the free demo on the Woo Themes website. You can likewise sign up for a free account with the site to take this theme on a “test drive.”

Woo Themes Support

All support for Woo Themes is offered through a pleasantly designed support forum. There is a considerable measure of information accessible in the forum for anyone to see, but you will obtain the privilege to make questions of the Woo Themes staff in the wake of purchasing the Aperture theme or becoming a club member.

No help is possible by phone or through email. This is usual for the industry all in all.

Woo Themes Pricing and Licensing

There are two options for purchasing the rights to use the Aperture WordPress theme by Woo Themes:

1. Purchase only the Aperture theme

2. Turn into a Woo Themes club member

If you see a couple of themes that you like on the site, you can opt to purchase the Aperture theme and gather the bonus themes that are thrown in with it. A regular purchase gives both of you free themes in addition to unlimited support. A developer purchase gives you three free themes, unlimited support and also PSD documents for the majority of your themes (including the free ones).

The standard purchase costs $59, and the developer purchase costs $150. The permit gives you great rights to use on as several domains as you like. You never need to give Woo Themes credit, and there are no more obligations.

If you see many themes that you like and you make a lot of websites, then it might be more financially savvy to become a Woo club member and after that make use of the Aperture theme and also all others that you like. Despite everything, you get extensive use on as many domains as you need.

Standard club price is $125 upfront and after that $15 monthly. If you need the PSD files for the majority of the current Woo Themes, you can purchase the developer club membership for $200 upfront and $20 monthly.

Prices are as of the date this article was published.

There are no refunds at Woo Themes.

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