Facebook tries to put Snap Map-like Interface for ‘Nearby Friends’ feature

Facebook tries to put Snap Map-like Interface for ‘Nearby Friends’ feature

Facebook’s little-used location sharing tool might get a freshen up. Now, the company is preparing to restore its disliked ‘Nearby Friends’ feature with a brand-new Snap map-like interface. While the Facebook location sharing feature has never been too famous, the company expects this redesign could drive new concern.

A year ago Snapchat propelled a different interpretation of the idea based on its greatest achievement ever, French app Zenly. With Snap Map, it wasn’t only about the convenience of seeing a list of friends’ locations like on Facebook but additionally spread them out crosswise over maps that you could jump into to understand their new geo-tagged Stories. It was as much about entertainment and content as it was about really hanging out with people in person.

Facebook Nearby Friends launched in 2014; however, a similar feature was tested as right on time as 2012. The tool has experienced a few different looks but is as of now offered in the type of list that describes the town and how far away friends are. The test rather defaults to a map view showing groups of friends situated within urban areas on the map. Like the list view, the map view doesn’t show precise particular locations but displays the general location.

The tool is designed to allow friends to connect offline utilizing the online tool, but it is not one of Facebook’s most prominent tools. Users need to select in and allow location sharing permissions to use Nearby Friends. Security concerns likely shield numerous users from using the feature, and its less famous point in the application’s menu likely doesn’t support either.

While the tool presently resembles a list of nearby friends, the tool initially impelled with a map view using Google Maps. The feature additionally enabled users to send the correct location to other nearby friends, along with a time and a plan to get together. Nearby Friends likewise gives notifications when new friends are nearby.

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As announced by TechCrunch, Facebook is working on a new design interface for its faltering ‘Nearby Friends’ feature that would show the location of people on a map. Presently, the Facebook location sharing feature merely displays a list of friends, separated by “nearby” and other locations.

While Snap Map enables you to see especially particular friend locations, the Facebook location sharing feature only enables you to see the similar information. As you can see in the below picture, the feature displays friend location on a larger scale, showing the urban communities, but not in specific locations in every town.

Facebook approved testing of the new interface to TechCrunch and repeated that people have to finish control about whether or not to share their location throughout Nearby Friends:

“We’re testing a new design for Nearby Friends; a tool people have used for the past four years to meet with their friends in person. People have complete control over whether to use Nearby Friends or not. They can turn it on in the Nearby Friends bookmark.”

The picture of the test displays an updated map (without the Google Maps label) with groups and profile pictures showing every one of the friends that are in or close to a specific city. Fans of the present form can tap on a “view list” icon to turn to the what users that aren’t a part of the test already observe. The test is an exciting change that moves back toward the map style view that the tool first moved with, while as yet trying to maintain some similarity of security by showing the city and not the correct building.

While Nearby Friends has been around for quite a long while, the tool currently has more competition with options like Snap Map. Snapchat’s version, showing where friends are, will likewise show friends’ stories and public stories on the map, allowing users to get a scene of what’s going on in the city.

The prominent problem with the Facebook location sharing efforts is the basic absence of trust between the platform and end-user. While Facebook has confirmed the test, there’s no evidence yet of whether the map will see a more extensive rollout.

Facebook Nearby Friends Map

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