Internal Linking For SEO And Why Is It So Important?

Internal Linking For SEO And Why Is It So Important?

Internal linking is a fundamental SEO strategy for publishers. In this post, I’ll look at what it is, why it’s so important, and some essential tips for useful linking.

The content of your website is crucial for ranking. Thus, it has to be unique and to the point, but before it goes viral and ranks higher, it needs links that Google crawls and come to know about your content. These links give an idea of the structure of your website, so, Google will analyze it, whether it has all the factors that it needs to rank or not. Now the question is why it is essential for SEO and why you need to focus on it for better ranking.

What is Internal Linking for SEO?

Web practitioners from various disciplines may have different terms for this, but I think this is a term that’s well understood in the SEO ‘community’ and beyond.

Internal linking refers to any links from one page on a domain which lead to another page on that same domain.

This can refer to the main site navigation, like the links you see above this article to our sections on SEO, PPC, etc. It also refers to links within articles to related content, such as this link to an article on duplicate content.

  • Improve Usability Through Anchor-Texts: Internal Linking is very much helpful to improve the usability of your website through anchor texts. And for this, you need to use, user-friendly and relevant links in your Blogs, Articles, and Classifieds, PDFs or any other type of content. It redirects the readers to another article or blog that increase their stay time on your website. But make sure you prevent duplicate content from getting positive outcomes.
  • Boost Page View: Another benefit of internal linking is that it helps to boost up the page view of your website and helps all your visitors to navigate your website thoroughly. This may double the chances of your website conversion and generate more leads. To make it possible, you have to make sure your website has proper links and loads its page correctly without taking forever.
  • Improve Ranking Of Your Web Page And Overall Website: Internal Linking plays an essential role in increasing the rank of any particular page if you target the right keyword and use the proper links. As the rank of your web page improves, so, it may also improve the ranking of your overall website.
  • Visitors Retention: It increases the chances of visitor retention because it’s a human nature that if they like something, they will surely browse more. It gives your visitor a reason to stay on your website and give it some time, which indicates that they like your website, which is good for your business and helps you win the customer for life.

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