7 Best iPhone Apps in Blogging For Bloggers

7 Best iPhone Apps in Blogging For Bloggers

We all know that blogging is one of those things that are tremendously trending in the market. If you see carefully, you will notice a lot of bloggers are rising nearly at each corner of the street! However, becoming successful in this blogging platform is another story.

Being creative is the primary form, but if you don’t have any useful blogging apps with you, even if you have the power of writing, your article or blog probably won’t get the rank that it deserves.

Presently you needn’t bother with a PC or laptop to pen down your blogs. Here is a rundown of some fabulous and useful blogging apps that can give you a complete and enjoyable blogging experience from your iPhone or iPad.

1. BlogPress

If you are seeking for an excellent user-friendly blogging experience, BlogPress is the right choice for you. With the aid of the text editor that comes alongside BlogPress, fine-tuning the written article or correcting it becomes delicious. Editing an image according to your choice is more suitable using the image editor combined with this blogging app.

More interestingly, sharing your most popular posts on different social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and YouTube and sharing it with the followers and friends becomes considerably easy.

Some of the other unusual features of BlogPress are as per the following.

  • Signature customization.
  • Effective comment management.
  • Easy transfer of videos, anchor texts, files, hyperlinks and so on.
  • It underpins MSN Live Space, Blogger, WordPress.

2. Weebly

If you have Weebly installed on your iPhone or iPad, devising a website or a store or a blog on the Apple device is no more a problem. Hence, this app isn’t just a blogging application but additionally a tool to build user-friendly websites.

This app allows the ease of choosing the most proper text and design factors from the multiple available alternatives. Furthermore, using it, you can directly upload different images from the Camera.

Other attractive benefits of using Weebly is as per the following.

  • Weebly desktop provides different responsive themes using which customizing your website becomes accessible.
  • You can proclaim views with the help of the blog post editor integrated with this application.
  • Commenting and replying becomes fluid that would help you to remain connected with people who pursue your articles.
  • You can check the website performance in the real-time format using the website dashboard.
  • Storing orders, checking traffic of your site alongside checking other vital details becomes lighter.

3. BlogTouch Pro

Whether you need to publish a new blog post or need to edit an already existing one alongside accomplishing the comments, BlogTouch Pro is going to make your tasks easy. According to your inclination, you can alter text color, format, style. To put it plainly, this blogging app would help you to develop your article feature.

One of the most exciting features of BlogTouch Pro is that you don’t have to delay your work if you don’t have any access to the Internet at any time. Work when you want even if you are offline and post it later when an Internet connection is available.

4. Squarespace Blog

For the iPhone devices, Squarespace Blog is a handy blogging application. Creating or updating any blog post is especially more convenient with the help of the markdown feature or the Layout Engine. Aside from it, using this powerful blogging application, you can easily create links, format texts, apply the desired format and include images without any difficulties.

More interestingly, you can manage the comments on your blog posts. For instance, if you don’t like a specific comment, you can immediately indicate it as spam. Another essential office of Squarespace Blog is you can do cool toggle between more than one websites and blogs.

5. Tumblr

To make your blogging experience pleasure and exciting activity, you can use Tumblr that is trending in the present market a considerable measure. Tumblr has a tremendous network, where you can share the experience as well as can effectively learn a lot of new ideas on how you can make the blog posts more engaging and appealing. Videos, images, articles, inspiring quotes – anything you like, you can directly post it on Tumblr. As post sharing is easy in this application platform, communicating with other bloggers is very useful here.

6. Blogo

Due to offering convenient features alongside automatic and impressive user-interface, Blogo is immensely prominent among the bloggers, who use iPhone devices. This blogging application is helpful to the point that it can get the best potential result from a blogger, who is a beginner. Carrying out any undertaking becomes fast using this application as it offers some of the alternate ways to complete certain necessary activities.

One of the most beautiful conveniences of Blogo is that you can chip away at your blog or article in the offline mode also. The Pro version of this blogging app supports WordPress.com. Using this Pro version, you can effectively manage more than one blog at the same time. Moreover, the preference panel suggested by Blogo helps you to keep up the work process.

7. Notegraphy

Notegraphy characteristics just about 40 different templates. Using any of it, you can make your blogs or posts look more impressive and more attractive. This blogging app won’t mislead you if you are looking for a fun blogging experience.

Another catching feature of Notegraphy is that you can easily create a gallery with every one of your articles and notes. Moreover, you can share every one of these posts effortlessly on various social media platforms. Connecting and communicating with other bloggers is very easy using Notegraphy.

Aside from all the iPhone apps mentioned above in blogging, WordPress, Cube, Posterous, etc. are some other popular blogging apps for bloggers that work efficiently on another iPhone devices.

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