Kotlin: An Effective Android App Development Trend in the Market

Kotlin: An Effective Android App Development Trend in the Market

Since the season of its invention, Java is leading the Android app development market. As of late, another cutting-edge programming language is becoming massively famous among the Android developers around the world. The ranking of Kotlin is getting so higher with the time that the professionals are expecting soon, this would end up one of the best 20 programming languages ever! This article is going to give you a short thought on Kotlin and why this language is getting such a considerable amount of consideration from the developers.

An Introduction to Kotlin

This is an open source language and based on the JVM (Java Virtual machine). Kotlin is the invention of famous Russia-based JetBrains programmers. This new language is presently a part of the newest Android Studio version 3.0.

For over 20 years, Java is ruling the market, and naturally, the sparkling features and functionalities that it gives are of pro quality. Apart from that, ruling a market flawlessly isn’t likely for this long time. Notwithstanding, it may sound interesting, but you can’t overlook the “aging” aspect of Java.

Advantages of using Kotlin

Here comes Kotlin in the picture. Another, renovated, high-level Android dedicated language is offering an unusual arrangement of advantages. Read on and experience the list of advantages that you can profit if you decide on Kotlin.

  • Interoperability

Would you be able to think of the circumstance, wherein a similar venture, two different programming languages are synchronizing? With Kotlin, this is possible. You don’t have to change to a different venture or no compelling reason to replace the existing code. You can efficiently utilize the features offered by it and make the app development tools more friendly.

  • Less Coding

We should think of a primary thing! For what reason would you write a hundred lines of codes when you can do the project by writing just a couple of lines of code? Indeed, the number of codes you have to write in Java to complete a specific task, you can do it by writing right around 20% less amount of codes. No big surprise why overall Android developers are going insane over it!

Admittedly, this ‘less coding’ feature diminishes the standard coding amount as well as improves execution of the code.

  • Easy Learning Curve

A standout amongst the most exciting facts about Kotlin is its natural learning curve. Not at all like Android O version, you can rapidly ace it by going through the list of language articles. It has a thin and natural language structure that is delicate for the Java experts. If you already have aptitudes in Java, learning Kotlin is nothing to you!

  • Safe and Secure

Working with Kotlin is a somewhat more secure choice for the developers. Questioning why? With its support, you can avoid critical errors such a NullPointExceptions. Its compiler naturally throws errors. Some of the time, a developer may disregard a little mistake but all thanks to the Kotlin compiler that would not permit doing so.

  • Zero Adoption Cost

The phrase ‘free’ or ‘zero cost’ effectively catch the attention of people! Kotlin would not disappoint the users in this situation too. How? Ok, this is an open source language. Henceforth, you would not need to spend a single penny to get it. Mostly get a converter tool that can change over all the existing Java files into Kotlin, and that is it! You are right to go to start with this basic top of the line language.

Although Kotlin is getting its popularity in the market Explanation, for the beginners in the Android app development field, it is ever advisable to start the learning system with Java.

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