How to Make Money Online Through Amazon Drop Shipping

How to Make Money Online Through Amazon Drop Shipping

There are various ways and platforms to make money online, one of them that has gained popularity as of late is drop shipping through Amazon. Numerous people are making a considerable number of dollars doing this business.

Drop shipping has its advantages over the traditional online store where you need to stock the merchandise in your store and ship when you get an order.

Here are five simple steps to start if you have supposed trying into a drop shipping business.

1. Open account on Amazon as a Seller.

The main thing to take when starting drop shipping business is to open an account on Amazon as a seller. There are two kinds of accounts that you can open: Individual and Professional account. If you are starting out and not sure of selling more than 40 products in a month, it is prescribed that you go for the Individual account. However, it is fundamental you know the advantages and disadvantages of any account you are opting for.

Here are upsides and downsides to leading you in making a decision on which account to sign up for:

  • For Individual Account:

You are not permitted to use 3rd party services like Repricers and Inventory Lab. You are not able to list your product in the Purchase Box. You can’t have any significant presence to list your product in limited categories of Amazon stores. There is $0.99 charge per item sold.

  • For Professional Account:

You can make use of a spreadsheet to upload different items without a moment’s delay using the seller central. You will approach more reports in the seller board. You are qualified to list your product in the Purchase Box. You can apply to list your products in restricted categories. You will pay $40 monthly charge in addition to the $0.99 expense per item sold. You can create new product pages for your products.

Keep in mind that you can upgrade your account whenever.

2. Find the best low-cost drop ship, providers.

Most drop shippers make a decent benefit using the best platform – Salehoo, to find admire drop shippers for products that they expect to sell.

To begin, sign up to paid Salehoo account to use their best tools and features. Search for drop shippers near you that can send immediately with lesser shipping costs.

Why it is advisable to utilize this platform is because most providers don’t have the budget for social media marketing. Instead, they convey the marketing costs over to lowering product costs. Thus, they’d favor toward subscribing to Salehoo than doing Google marketing.

Also, it will demand more effort on the providers’ part to make progress with PPC marketing, so they incline toward a committed platform for it.

3. Search for low-cost but top-selling products.

When you find a provider that suits your terms, look through his index to find those items that are not costly but rather are additionally selling exceptionally well. Make sure that the price difference between what is offered for that item on Amazon and what the provider is selling is sufficiently significant to make you some benefit.

Regardless of whether you choose to source for sellers outside the Salehoo platform, the most vital thing is that there is benefit enough to take care of for an expense in time and money.

4. Write a well-detailed and search engine optimized titles and descriptions on Amazon.

Since you are ready with your products to continue to show them on your Amazon store. Assure that you write SEO product descriptions to empower your products to rank high on Amazon search result.

5. Go ahead and start marketing your products using different digital marketing system.

You can outsource the marketing to freelancers on the platform like Fiverr.

Trust me, drop shipping isn’t as hard as it looks. You have to make a pace!

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