How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online

How To Make Money By Selling Photos Online

In this digital photography age, the trend of selling photos online is one of the most exciting money making opportunities to come around for quite a while.

This is an opportunity which brings you a right amount of money on a monthly premise. The capacity to take high-quality photos is becoming more and more available as innovation improvements consider the overall population to point-and-click their approach to beautiful image collections.

Photographers are continually looking for ways on the best way to make money by selling photos online. There have been a couple of successes in this field. One of the best microstock photographers is Yuri Arcurs who is named to be the “world’s best microstock photographer.”

You can attempt to imitate the methods he used to make money selling photos online. You can likewise sell your images on Getty Images, Corbis Images, Fotolia, Big Stock Photo or Istockphoto (there are some more). It was very more agreeable in those days to make money selling photos online, but when Web 2.0 came in, things have modified.

Let me explain a few tips on how to make money by selling photos online.

Before we start, Let me ask you a few questions.

  • “Will you sell photos online to set it as your primary or secondary revenue?”

  • “Will you sell photos online to promote your photography business?”

If your answer is yes to the two questions, make a list of your available assets to make it happen. Still, you have not joined Facebook and Twitter, then you are already missing out on the possibility to sell your photos online to around 2.3 billion users of Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a Facebook account, create a Facebook Page or a Fan Page. Name your Fan Page the equivalent as the name you use for your photography business. For what reason is it fundamental to have a Facebook Page? Your existing Facebook account limits you to 5,000 Facebook Friends while a Fan Page will give you a large number of “Fans.”

If you don’t have a Twitter account, create one and get a Twitter username that applies to your photography business also. If you are requiring how Facebook and Twitter will allow you to make money selling photos online, then you have to read on.

Since you have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. Give me a chance to show you a tip on proper methodologies to create a Facebook Page that will allow you to make money selling photos online.

There are few Facebook apps that you can use to make a fantastic Facebook Page one of them is static FBML. There is another Facebook app that is such a considerable amount of less demanding to use, and that is the Tigerlily App. You can see it by going to search and sort Tigerlily.

What it does is that it gives both of you tabs which are all that could be needed to put information about your photography business and will permit you to make money selling photos online.

The basic widgets to add on your Tigerlily app are the photo widget which when clicked will redirect the reader to your website and the Twitter tab which will post your Twitter feed.

If you do not have a site, you ought to make one at this point. The expense of having a website has fallen. You start with registering a domain name think of something that is important to your photography business. Find a web hosting company, and there are some you can pay for as low as a dollar a month.

The most critical thing to find out about your web hosting company if they install WordPress. It is the happiest with the blogging platform, and with WordPress, you will have the capacity to install a plug-in which is an essential tool that will enable you to make money selling photos online.

Since you have your WordPress empowered website running install a WordPress plug-in called Fotomoto. The plugin will enable you to connect to Fotomoto, a company that encourages you to sell photos online.

Visit their website and create an account. It will take you under five minutes and take in a couple of things about their services. An essential element to know is your site key which you have to put under the Fotomoto settings on your WordPress website.

So far you have made a Facebook Page, your Twitter account and your WordPress website which is Fotomoto empowered. What you have to do is gather all the photos you think will sell online.

A quick visit to some microstock organizations like Istockphoto and Fotolia will pretty much reveal to you which photos sell online and furthermore read Yuri Arcurs blog and get a few tips on how he earned millions selling his photos online.

Add every one of your images on your WordPress website, and you will see on every photo there is a Fotomoto toolbar that will declare “Buy Print,” “Buy Card,” “Download,” “Share” and “E-card.” All these you can customize on your Fotomoto account. The best thing about Fotomoto is their feature that enables you to name your price.

Truly, your price. They additionally deal with shipping if it is print design. Everything is made for you, and all you require is to sell.

They get a percentage on every transaction too, but by naming your price, you will earn more than what you can achieve from commissions if you sell it in a microstock photo office simply like Yuri Arcurs. This is the decidedly better method for selling your photos online to make money than using microstock organizations.

Possibly you are asking now, “For what reason did I have to create a Facebook Page and Twitter and How it will enable me to make money selling photos online?”.

Like some other business, if you don’t advertise, you don’t sell. For what reason would you pass up on the chance to sell to more than 2.3 billion users of Facebook and Twitter?

The good thing about it is that its free of charge. You can post on your Facebook Page regarding your photography business which includes selling photos online. You are able to redirect possible purchasers to your website. Also, you can tweet any time you posted an image to sell online.

Another tip is that each time you tweet adds any of these hashtags #stockphoto, #stockphotoforsale, #microstock. That will enable you to get found by people searching for stock photos online.

By adding the Twitter tab on your Tigerlily app empowered Facebook Page or Fan, Page people will view your tweets about the photos you sell on your website, and if they are interested, they could purchase it.

It likewise brings traffic to your photography business which will enable you to make money by getting more people excited about your photography services. Keep in mind the intensity of social networking. It only takes one to “Facebook like” or “Retweet” to attract millions of people to your website.

What amount of money would you be able to make selling photos online? Like some other business, it will rely upon other factors, for example, the quality of your photography work and the amount of time you give on your website.

If you follow the steps above it will let you make money selling photos online using the money-making on Facebook and Twitter tips.

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