Making Money Online From 4 Best Email Marketing Programs

Making Money Online From 4 Best Email Marketing Programs

Email Marketing has been one of the most broadly used marketing tools for any volume of business be it a little company or a large company. It is a type of direct marketing which uses electronic mail to achieve a coveted market or audience. The application is to a significant degree differed and includes methods for promoting a product, building or increasing website visitors and traffic, beginning a fundraising campaign, or just creating market clarity.

If you need to be successful at making money online, then you need to do Email Marketing. Email marketing is accomplished by having a list of active customers. You get these customers either by a customer clicking on to your website and entering their email details or by going into a Joint Venture agreement with another affiliate and using a portion of their email lists.

Recent Statistics from the Radicati Group in 2018 reveals to us that there are around 3.8 billion users worldwide and approximately 281 billions of emails are sent and received every day (including spam emails and viruses).

Email marketing was ranked as second to Search Engine Advertising regarding adequacy as an online marketing tool.

Also, why not?

It has chosen itself to be successful for the individuals who accurately use it. It has a return on investment rate compared to other advertising media. It’s incredibly affordable and practical, results are quantifiable and above all is that it conforms to general standards in email behavior – that is no spamming.

Making Money Online From Email Marketing Programs

With this business fastly becoming a huge fan of email marketers, you can exploit promoting this product by sending emails or through your website and gain a relatively huge commission.

The following are the four best and most generally used Email Marketing Programs where you can join as an affiliate marketer and start making money online.

1. iContact


iContact offers a straightforward and easy-to-use tool yet a dominant marketing solution. It allows users to make rapidly, sends, and track email newsletters, surveys, and auto-responders. It gives you all features you require while as yet making it simple enough for anyone to make permission-based email marketing campaigns with high deliverability.

iContact acknowledge affiliates through their in-house “25% Commission Affiliate Program” which applies for existing customers. As an affiliate, you are paid 25% of the referred customer’s subscription for the lifetime of the customer. Just sign in to your account, click “Partner Central” within the Home tab, and you’ll approach all resources you have to promote iContact and track the results of your efforts.

Another option is by joining their “Upfront Bounty Affiliate Program” through Commission Junction – an online advertising channel who intermediates between online Advertisers and Publishers.

Among the advantages in joining this program includes an opportunity to win 7 times the sales price of the referral’s picked plan up to $250.00, 120-day cookie which implies all sales from your referral for up to 4 months will at present be credited to your account and a Parasite free program where you’ll have no stresses over anyone stealing your commissions.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact links Email Marketing and Online Surveys to give customers two of the best marketing tools in promoting their products and also collecting feedback and opinions. It is a web-based solution, and is anything but difficult to use, moderate and takes no technical ability.

It has a significant number of professionally designed templates and simple-to-use Email Wizard, with 97% email inbox deliverability rate, real-time email tracking, and reporting tool, stock image gallery of 3400 pictures and incredible coaching and customer support.

You can make money online by offering Constant Contact on your website when you join their affiliate program additionally through Commission Junction. You get paid $2.00 for every user that you refer who signs up on the 60-day free trial and $50.00 for every customer who turns into a paying customer.

If you are subscribed and presently using this service, you can even join their Business Partner Program and win a share in the ongoing income from the customers you refer. The product is useful to the point that once a potential client signs up for a free trial, they are incredibly motivated to use the full service and turn into a paying Constant Contact customer.

3. VerticalResponse


VerticalResponse is a self-service, web-based direct marketing tool for developing a business. It is the most effortless approach to build target, send and track email marketing newsletters, online surveys, and direct mail postcards.

VerticalResponse offers easy-to-use Email Creation Tool, List Building, and Management for you growing audience, high Email Delivery rate to ensure your customers get your email and Robust Reporting and Tracking for your email performance analysis. Opportunity to make money online by introducing VerticalResponse to your website visitors is encouraged by the two most confided in affiliate networksCommission Junction and LinkShare.

VerticalResponse offers exceptionally competitive commission structures starting at $5.00 for every person you referred who creates an account and sends a test email campaign. Additionally, if he purchases, in any event, $5.00 in email credits will likewise gain $50.00 in commission.

The best part is that if the visitor does not purchase immediately but instead returns within 60 days and purchases, despite everything you get the credit with the sale.

4. Interspire Email Marketer

Interspire Email Marketer

Interspire Email Marketer is the top of the line product of Interspire which offers a total solution for your marketing needs. It is an entirely featured email marketing software which can be used to create, send and track email campaigns and auto-responders.

Not at all like the first three products we featured above, Interspire isn’t a facilitated email marketing service where you pay monthly or yearly for each service that you use.

Interspire Email Marketer is an once-off installment product that is installed on your web server which you can re-brand in minutes. Interspire’s in-house affiliate program gives affiliates approaches to gain somewhere in the range of $75.00 to a vast $554.00 for each order that’s put using your unique affiliate links.

Other advantages of being an Interspire affiliate are double commissions (30%) for the first 90 days, real-time productivity reporting, 180-day tracking cookies, and the two-layered setup to make money from affiliates you select. As Interspire puts it “If you’re promoting anything but Interspire products, you’re nuts!!!

Since you understand the four best Email Marketing Programs in the industry, it’s your accomplishment to become successful in making money online by promoting these excellent products knowing that your possibilities get the full customer satisfaction – confirmed!

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