Mobile Marketing – Making A Splash For Small Businesses

Mobile Marketing – Making A Splash For Small Businesses

Mobile Marketing is a method of establishing communication with the targeted consumer through a mobile device. A medium of communication used is simple marketing text, encouraging the consumer to visit their mobile website or motivating them to participate in an audience based campaign. Few of the tools of the business and some of the concepts used in mobile marketing are MMS, USSD, Bluetooth, infrared, wireless social media, mobile internet, and mobile applications.

Mobile Marketing not only enables people to connect to the internet through their cell phones but also strengthen various communication medium in smooth and efficient channels. It is cheaper than traditional marketing resources for both marketer and consumer. It is simple for any of the age group to understand the advertisement spread through mobile marketing.

In the United States of America, mobile marketing technology was not used widely until a few years back. In June 2008, cell signs reported that every month approximately seventy-five billion of mobile marketing texts were sent. Some mobile users are double of active email users in the country. These mobile marketing texts were read within fifteen minutes, and a response comes within an hour compared to email in which for an answer it may take months.

In thirty countries ratio of population to a number of the mobile device is 1:1. Eighty percent of the population in the United States is an active mobile user. Sixty percent of earth’s population which is about four billion are using mobile on a regular basis. China itself has more than four hundred million subscribers. These facts prove that mobile marketing has a broad scope in the world of marketing and it is an only medium which provides an accessible path for the companies to market their product directly to the customer. Coverage of mobile network connections is continuously increasing and with that number of subscribers is also growing. Ninety percent of these links are prepaid.

Mobile SMS Marketing is an exciting method in the world of marketing. It provides a meaningful way to reach the targeted audience at the right time with the best offer in the form of SMS. The effectiveness of SMS marketing can be determined by the fact that a majority of people can’t live without SMS. We keep sending a text every minute. It proves the ability to achieve instant access to the targeted customer anywhere and anytime. SMS marketing is a new communication medium to increase the response rate in a marketing campaign. It also means that customers can be quickly engaged.

There are several new methods of SMS marketing to boost your business. The first one is to distribute vouchers or coupons through SMS. This can increase the sale rate of a business. It also attracts a lot of customers to open sale. These SMS coupons can be easily redeemed at any outlet of a specific business.

Alerts, updates, and reminders about appointments are an excellent method for service providers and attract customers to increase sales. For example, a car repairing company is sending an SMS to its client reminding about servicing of their car. Even several banks and cellular network providers are using this technique to provide several natural features to their customers.

A fascinating and fruitful idea is inviting bid for an auction of a particular product through SMS. Companies invited to bid on a product such as electronic items, washing machine, television, mobile phone or car. The winner of the auction is the person with the lowest and unique bid. Through this kind of SMS marketing, companies can attract the attention of customers to a specific product.

There are few exciting methods for mobile marketing. One such method is marketing through Bluetooth proximity. Bluetooth has a limited reach among the audience. A mobile user can send ads, images, business card and it also contacts people through audio without the need for their mobile number. This kind of mobile marketing is used in trade shows, activities, and events in which customer’s cell phone are nearby of Bluetooth device.

Mobile phone applications are a fascinating tool in the field of mobile marketing. Majority of people uses a mobile phone to find cooking recipes, ATM location or location of an address. There are mobile applications available which meet all kind needs. The popularity of mobile application has recently grown. There are several reasons behind the increased popularity. Reasons such as the development of smartphones and the popularity of smartphones among mobile subscribers are responsible for the increased popularity of mobile application.

Companies are targeting these mobile applications to sell and market their product. This marketing strategy provides spectacular experience to their consumer who is relevant to the marketed product. Companies achieve their aim by offering new benefit, rewards, creation, entertainment, collaboration, and communities to the mobile user for daily requirements. For example, Amazon is offering a new mobile application which allows shoppers to search for products by uploading a photo of what they are willing to buy.

Various companies are offering their customers free downloads of ringtones, wallpapers, mobile games and tagging advertisement with each of this feature to market their product. The effectiveness of SMS mobile marketing is evident in the fact that thirty-seven of the urban population receives SMS marketing such kind of products. Thirty-six percent of the urban population receives SMS related to entertainment, media companies, news, and music.

Maybe few males ignore or delete such marketing oriented messages, but females don’t do such kind of thing. According to research, females try to inquire further about a marketed product by interacting with customer care or straight away approaching the store. But males are very much interested in utilizing free coupons and discounts offered through SMS.

So we can understand the fact that SMS is widely used all over the world to advertise products. Several companies are taking tactical advantage of this excellent medium by promoting their products and offers.

Mobile marketing is an interactive and meaningful medium to interact with the customers. It also gives instant access to customers irrespective of time and location. Mobile Marketing produces a higher response compared to other marketing medium and communication medium. If your company is not utilizing this weapon to sell your product then straight away go for mobile marketing and see the difference.

Pat King has been an innovator in the Internet Marketing business since 2007. Pat works with many companies to help them build a high powered online presence for their companies. Pat’s goal is always to make a long-term relationship with his customers by consistently going above and beyond to ensure that they are getting most out of his services. In the past year, Pat has made Internet Marketing for small businesses his number 1 priority simply because his passion is to help small businesses be more successful. Pat has relaunched is company Premier One Marketing and offers a wide variety of cutting-edge products from state of the art web design, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing and most recently has launched one of the most cutting-edge products in the industry which is a All In One Marketing platform that allows you to market to your customers and leads through a 5 multi-channel platform making your marketing efforts much more efficient and effective.

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