Top 9 Myths About PSD To WordPress Conversion

Top 9 Myths About PSD To WordPress Conversion

PSD to WordPress conversion is an excellent solution for creating a WordPress theme from a Photoshop to become a search engine friendly blogging web portal. This type of PSD synthesis implies a very significant role in building pathetic content managed blog portals.

Getting the files to be converted from PSD format to extremely customizable WordPress theme/template is totally different matter in comparison to PSD to HTML. The method of converting a PSD based file into a cross-browser compatible and W3C validated working WordPress template/theme includes lots of steps.

So let’s talk about what WordPress is.

WordPress is a famous and influential open source CMS that provides a great deal of flexibility thus numerous additional features to be added to your website.

PSD to WordPress conversion is a highly superior technology and is likewise very user-friendly. It’s easy to update, install and import files and helps in the stable operation of the website.

In WordPress conversion, PSD file is being combined by using WordPress. WordPress can likewise be used for controlling and handling web content.

By slicing a PSD file and coding it with most prominent blog publishing application – WordPress, it is simple to get a ready-to-use WordPress theme/template.

However, there are some myths about PSD to WordPress conversion that may be disturbing for web developers. Every digital agency ought to be well-informed about such events and myths compared to their projects.

PSD to WordPress conversion myths is mainly categorized as:

A. WordPress development myths

B. WordPress security/insecurity myths

C. WordPress page builders myths

However, I have listed all of 9 myths and their facts in details below.

1. Not Good for SEO

  • Myth-

It is said that page builders are not suitable for SEO as the markup they leave isn’t optimized.

  • Truth-

Since SEO is about quality content. Page builders even go about as a medium in delivering engaging content for the website. It also provides plenty of grammatical markups to choose HTML tags for your headings and keywords as well.

2. No Reliable Plugins

  • Myth-

Credibility is directly affected by security features. It is a common gossip nowadays that WordPress Plugins are not secure enough to use.

  • Truth-

This gossip is entirely fake. Plugins provide features to a website. However, taking a plugin is done by admin only. He should search for its ratings and reviews before adding to the website.

Updating plugins regularly is another significant phase. Besides all WordPress plugins are secure and written in compliance with coding norms.

3. Limited to Low Traffic

  • Myth-

WordPress websites are not sufficient to obtain high traffic. In the case of high traffic, these websites go offline.

  • Truth-

Websites go offline due to hosting and other technical problems. You can have your website on a reliable and trusted the server to solve such problems.

4. No Support

  • Myth-

WordPress provides no support for free templates or themes.

  • Truth-

WordPress does development simpler. There are some forums you can address whenever you get stayed with it. They give you full support without any cost.

5. Not a Secure Platform

  • Myth-

WordPress is certifiably not a secure platform to work upon.

  • Truth-

It would not select by leading brands if it isn’t secure. Besides, WordPress codes are entirely checked by developers for any loose sequences, bugs, and loopholes. If found any issues, then immediately notified to WordPress officials.

WordPress offers excellent security and a safe atmosphere for their users. More levels of security can be provided to this by adding security plugins to it.

Few of the popular security plugins for WordPress like Wordfence security, Sucuri Security, BulletProof Security and so on.

6. Not for E-Commerce Websites

  • Myth-

Many Business can’t have a full featured e-commerce website through this. It isn’t helpful to them. It’s only a blogging platform only.

  • Truth-

WordPress is an undeniable CMS furnished with plenty of e-commerce plugins that make it more abstract for businesses.

Different e-commerce websites, for example, eBay using WordPress and along these lines making high profits.

7. Helpful for only Small Businesses

  • Myth-

WordPress is only helpful for small businesses.

  • Truth-

The actual reality is wrong. Numerous prominent brands like Disney, Best Buy, are using this nowadays and furthermore helping them to develop their business further.

8. Hacking Trends

  • Myth-

WordPress can be hacked CMS (content management system).

  • Truth-

The above reality isn’t real. If we regularly backup the WordPress site, it will decrease the chances of being hacked. WordPress is user-friendly CMS and comes with numerous security plugins, so we ought not to dodge this for such bits of rumor.

WordPress simplified page builders are complex plugins for creating custom websites. Advanced users utilize these tools for their difficult tasks to be get done efficiently.

Along these lines, if you are building your business website using builders, then you ought to be conscious of all myths related to this.

9. Lazy Loading Speed

  • Myth-

Page builder backs off WordPress website.

  • Truth-

Page builders are quick and capable of loading complex designs in less time. Loading time ultimately depends on how content is designed in the page builder.

Page level caching and Builders using shortcode are another crucial factors that affect page loading time.

However, if a WordPress plugin(page builders) is well coded, then this may not affect your site speed by any means.

Final Thoughts

Every business ought to acknowledge this reality that WordPress is the most flexible platform for maintaining a website.

Forbes, TechCrunch and considerably more are using WordPress to produce more traffic in this dog-eat-dog environment.

Moreover, the points stated above have revealed top 9 myths about PSD to WordPress conversion. Presently you can take a note of its fact side too. This will help you to become transparent about all perspectives of WordPress and its importance in the present situation.

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