10 Essential Ways To Use Text Messaging For Marketing

10 Essential Ways To Use Text Messaging For Marketing

Text messaging for marketing is an essential method of interacting with your customers, and it’s likewise an excellent method to drive more sales through your business.

People are going mobile today, and about everyone with a mobile phone has text services. A few people want to text to actual phone calls. So it’s the ideal opportunity for businesses to make up for lost time with the trends and change the mode in which they are interacting with clients and customers.

In the present marketplace, if you are not using text messaging as a significant aspect of your marketing plan, you are dropping money on the table.

You may ask, For what reason should numerous people use text messaging, they already have a website and do email marketing? That is a reasonable question. Here are the appropriate reply Open Rates!

Email open rates (The number of emails that are presented) are nearby 10-20% If you are sufficiently fortunate to make it past spam filters. The open rates for text are roughly 97%! Think about it, don’t you open pretty much every text you get? Add to that the way that it is essential. You can get your message out to people who are out and ready to visit your business.

Here are some more insights:

  • 80% of new mobile phone purchasers report that text messaging is the most vital factor on their phone.
  • 70% of the United States is on Facebook.
  • 57% of people converse with one another online more than in person.
  • Twitter averages about 27 million unique visitors consistently.
  • Almost 40% of Twitter posts are made from mobile phones.

Is it true to say that you are starting to get the photo? This is Enormous!

OK, So How would You use Text Messaging for Marketing?

Here are ten essential ways that businesses are using presently, but use your creativity, and I am sure you will recall some more.

1. Send Coupons –

Likely the regularly used method of text message marketing. If you have used text on your mobile phone, you have most likely gotten one of these texts by signing up for a texting organization or program. You send a text to all your subscribed customers, and they come in and show the text to redeem their coupon.

For instance: “Get 50% off any Entrée on your next visit” Make sure to put any conditions on the text, this is stimulating since you only get 160 characters, but at any rate get the end date in there.

2. Real Estate Listings –

This is a creative way to deal with save the Real Estate executive time and money by sending a large portion of the information in the listing like Cost, Number of Rooms/Showers etcetera. Then they merely put something like “Text 30elm to 69302 “ on their advertising.

When people text that number, they get a text a couple of moments later with all the info for the property. You will need to put a link to the online listing in the text and an email address. If users have a mobile phone, those links will be clickable and take you to the website or open an email client to send an email. Quite cool.

3. Electronic Business Cards –

This is an extraordinary method to save money on business cards and additionally saving trees. The process by which it works is easy. Like the way in which a real estate listing works, you just put all your information in the auto-reply message then when people sign up for the text they get all the contact information.

Again as in the real estate model, every one of the links is clickable. So now when you meet someone, and they request a business card, or you just ran out, say “Text business card to 69302” or whatever yours appears to be.

4. Make A Flash Mini Mob –

Have you listened to “Flash Mobs”? This is when a group of people plan an event and afterward get whatever number people to look at the location as could be allowed. This is typically consolidated with one or more social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The way in which you can use it with your subscribers is to Send an offer that is only useful for the Next 30 minutes or an, and a minimum of people have to appear to get the deal.

For example: ” The first 30 people to appear at Our Bar will get a Free Drink! 30 people must be present to accept the offer”. A gentle approach to top off an empty Bar on a moderate night. You have to make sure this is legal in your area, but you get the idea right? Your vision only limits this method, and it inspires people to call or message their friends to make sure enough people appear.

It additionally gives you time to further market to the people who show up while waiting for others to come. What’s more, of course, you can do this without asking everyone to show up and even spread it to others that happen, so you don’t have furious people who merely missed the deal or maybe have a reinforcement offer for those people. You don’t need a furious mob.

5. Event Details –

Texting is ideal for Churches, non-benefit and whatever other organization that needs to send out details or reminders about events. If you have ever been in charge of notifying a large group of people around an upcoming event or even critical, having to do it two times because of a rescheduled event, then you can appreciate the beauty of this process.

Once members are signed up, it is merely a subject of typing up text and sending it out to everyone on the list. If you need to reschedule the event, no problem, send out another text with the revised information. Of course, you can use this to let subscribers think about an upcoming sale at your place of business and even send multiple texts reaching up to the event to build activity. (Don’t exceed it)

6. Use Texting in Print Advertising –

There are some reasons to use texting in print advertising. You can use it to save money on the words in a specific ad. You will need an attention-grabbing headline and some basic info then “Text wanted to 69302” for more details. The more simple you make your keyword,” The simpler it is to get to Use it on an announcement to get people to remember the shorter number and your business.

For example: “Text the word Ring to 69302 to get 25% off your engagement ring” for a Jeweler. You can put it on the acceptance from your business to get people on your subscriber list so you can text them special offers to keep them coming back to your Store. Put the text appears in other coupons or leaflets you send out to get people signed up immediately, and a bonus is that you will get a speedy response on any mailing or shipping you do by checking what number of subscribers you have.

If you also have a website, you might need to direct them there to sign up for another list and of course to check out your website. Don’t have a website? Set up a Facebook Fan Page and send them there. To get excellent results on this or any text campaign, it is dependably a quick thought to reward people for joining. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but people these days need immediate satisfaction, so try to give it to them, and everybody will be cheerful.

7. Sign up For Contests –

This one is lovely self-understandable but let’s stroll through the method at any rate. So you have a raffle or giveaway, and you don’t have any desire to use the old paper and pencil method with a cardboard box with a space in the top(though that is a highly visual in your business), or maybe you need to augment the manual methods by getting more participation.

In any case, you would publish “Text contest to 69302”. Then anyone who subscribes will be reached into the contest. Some texting services offer options to maintain the whole contest and even pick a winner, but this is an easy job once you have every one of the entries. There are heaps of free software available that can carry out this job. If not you can do it the way it was done in the good ‘old days by printing the list and throwing it into a hat and choosing a winner.

8. Run A Survey –

This is an excellent way to discover what your customers need with the goal that you can figure out an approach to give it to them and make more money. You can achieve this in a couple of ways. You can put the survey questions and answers right in the text, but remember it should be short because you only get 160 characters.

So something like this may work: How was the Service during your Visit? Text your response to 69302 A for Great, B for Good, C for Fair, D for poor. That’s a little over 100 characters, so we are alright. If you find that space is limited for your needs, then you can just put the question and have them a text to get the options. Then you would put a website link in the auto-reply so they can go to the website and fill out the survey.

Now the second method will confine the users who can participate because not everyone has a mobile phone, but instead, everyone will get the text and be able to go to the site on another computer if they can’t do it on their phones. Remember to reward users for taking the survey. You will get members unmistakably if you do. Some texting services have software to manage surveys from their website to make this even more comfortable.

9. Promote a Website or Facebook Page –

At this point I am sure you can write this one yourself, you are rapidly becoming an expert at this. You can say thanks to me later. So most likely the best method to use this is to get people to “Like” your Facebook Page. This is a double whammy for you because now you have Two different ways to market to mobile phone users.

You can text them of course as you are well-informed, but now you can post anything you need to your Facebook page and anyone who “Liked” your page will get that post (Notice). I get these all the time from any places I “Like.” If you don’t comprehend what “Like” us on Facebook, it is a way that people link to your Facebook page or comment or picture or pretty much anything on your Facebook page. It is like a vote for the content that you like.

You can likewise send people to your website with the goal that they can see what you have to offer their and hope to sign up for your email list. Need to leverage this some more, put a link to your Twitter account on their and get them to Follow you on Twitter (If you have a Twitter account). Goodness, and don’t forget to reward your subscribers. Sorry to learn hitting on that point but it is necessary. Last time, Promise.

10. Keep a Rainy Day –

This is like the Flash Mob idea in which you send a text message to your subscribers that says they can get a special deal if they get to your business before it stops raining. This is a great method to drum up some business on a rainy day.

If you live in an area where it rains a great deal, then you can change the offer and make it, so they have to get into your business before it begins raining again.

Example: Weather Alert: It’s Raining it’s Splashing Get Here before it stops and your coffee is FREE.

I hope that you will set your thinking tops on and think of some more creative ways to use text messaging.

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