WooCommerce Theme Development Tutorial in 2018

WooCommerce Theme Development Tutorial in 2018

WooCommerce is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce systems, filled with all important and advanced features. In the modern ages, WooCommerce has achieved huge recognition, and its reputation isn’t escaped anyone. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, yes it is a plugin which changes WordPress into an online shopping store.

Highly adaptable and automatic, it furnishes a user-friendly interface with control packed features. To make it simple for the online retailers, WooCommerce took a step forward to give anyone a chance to open an e-commerce store within seconds. Give us an opportunity to search profoundly into WooCommerce theme development tutorial and profit the advantages of this popular plugin for free:

Importance of WooCommerce

Since WordPress is used in making a wide range of portals, WooCommerce can assist online retailers with designing their webshop with advanced security features. Likewise, with Woocommerce it is conceivable to keep a reputation of monthly sales, taxes and everyday activities. With the increasing renown of digital media, people are spending their time in creating amazing online stores. Also, how’s that reasonable?

With WooCommerce, custom theme development is done which even new companies can benefit. Here are the latest features:

  • It is an open source Content Management System (CMS).
  • To gain the latest features and options, some amount is required through the fundamental features are free. So to build your e-commerce store, WordPress WooCommerce site is a financially savvy business model.
  • The shopping cart is anchored to offer a pleasant thing.
  • Plentiful of themes are accessible to look over which serve simple customization.
  • To improve the functionality, infinite features and records can be added respectively.
  • Highlighted with a multi-shipping gateway to provide the products in different countries.

Also, the multi-payment option permits paying through shifted platforms.

Introduction to WooCommerce Theme Development

Introduction to Woocommerce Theme Development

WooCommerce is a CMS which is combined with WordPress to offer a secure shopping platform to the e-retailers. By building a custom theme in WooCommerce, you get a remarkable theme therefore which would then be able to be used to build your store. With WooCommerce, you honestly can assume that your business will develop significantly but only if the theme development is up to the brand, attractive and has all the essential features highlighted. The essential features which each theme needs to have are:

  • Beautiful design of the website which when the readers see can feel good and spend more time searching for your product range.
  • To offer an incredible shopping knowledge, the website must have categories and subcategories with the goal that people can limit the filters.
  • An elegant looking website upgrades the probabilities for conversions and sales.
  • Integration of Google Analytics for better tracking.
  • Fast loading of pages to reduce the bounce rate.

WooCommerce theme development isn’t that challenging as you may think. All it needs your time and efforts to kick-start the entire procedure and the results are great when:

  • WordPress and WooCommerce both are installed at your desktop.
  • Essential know-how of WooCommerce themes. If you don’t have, read the tutorials to get some learning.
  • Legitimate learning of HTML and CSS to modify the coding part.

Steps to WooCommerce Theme Development

Give us now a chance, to begin with creating WooCommerce themes as it will give you perfect control over how you want your website to view.

Listing WooCommerce Support

Creating a WooCommerce theme, it is fundamental to proclaim WooCommerce support first. It is to ensure that the users will get a pop up in the WordPress dashboard to say the WooCommerce plugin development doesn’t support the theme. To make or build up a theme, this progress holds essential significance. If you need to declare the support, add this coding in a functions.php file in the theme:

Now after listing the support, you should start creating a WooCommerce theme. Since WooCommerce is loaded with beautiful features, you can use the default styles to make new styles from them. Once you are done updating the WooCommerce plugin, you will lose every one of the progressions if any alteration is done to the original files.

Steps to Woocommerce Theme Development

I would recommend not editing any file instead make a new file to override the existing files in the source theme directory. Two steps are there to make a new file:

1. Create a custom CSS

If the changes are on a small level, then this method works for you.

  • Create another CSS file
  • Name it: custom-woocommerce.css
  • Save it in the directory wp-content/themes//css
  • Presently in the foundation.php, include this.css file

Ultimately to abolish the default style, add your CSS to this file.

The second method is to make a WordPress child theme. Child theme has the features and capacities of another theme which is known as a parent theme. To change default themes, child themes are highly suggested.

2. Create a WordPress child theme

  • Create the child theme directory and add “- child” to stay away from compilation errors. Make sure not to leave any space in the name.
  • Put it under wp-content/themes
  • Make a child theme header
  • Now align the child and parent theme stylesheets

It is all ready! You have to activate the child theme presently by logging into the site’s admin panel. Explore to Administration panel>appearance>themes. Here, you will see the child theme ready for activation.


Learning how to create a custom theme in WooCommerce is a difficult task for the individuals who are very little mindful of the coding. Having to create a theme needs you to have excellent coding skills. With this tutorial, you have an advanced insight into WooCommerce theme development. Presently it is anything but trying to make your website look exceptional regarding layout and features, would it say it isn’t? Understand the process!

WordPress WooCommerce Theme Development is a functionality which is combined with the WordPress platform. At the point when themes are created using WooCommerce custom theme development, you can get a finished result which is precisely the way in which you demand.

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